Time for a sneak peak down below!

Time for a sneak peak down below!

It’s only the privileged few who get to see Pilgrim down below. That’s usually reserved for volunteers, guests and for visitors on our periodic Open Days. We have twelve comfy guest berths spread over two cabins in our communal accommodation area together with a fully equipped galley and two heads with showers. That’s ‘toilets’ for the uninitiated!

PilgrimBM45 below decks
Pilgrim’s main saloon
PilgrimBM45 below decks entertaining
Pilgrim – enjoying dinner on board

Something people rarely see is our crew cabin. This is tucked away behind the engine room and provides accommodation for the Skipper and other crew members. It’s exactly where the crew accommodation was when she was built back in 1895. In those days though they slept on straw and had a single coal stove on which to brew and cook! It’s certainly cosy, but serves it’s purpose.

PilgrimBM45 Crew Cabin
Pilgrim’s crews quarters

Finally, we believe everyone should sail on full stomach so our bijou galley is equiped to serve meals for 15 passengers and crew and more for shore events. It’s extensively fitted with a steam oven, microvave oven, multiple electric and diesel hobs together with fridges and we even have a dishwasher. Hidden away below the saloon dining table is also a further fridge and a freezer so we have plenty of storage for extended cruising. So, as you can see, there’s no slumming it on Pilgrim.

PilgrimBm45 galley
Pilgrim’s Galley

Our Guests come back and cruise again not just because of the wonderful sailing but also because of the good food, homely atmosphere and convivial company they find on Pilgrim. The best way to experience life on-board is to come sailing with us – you can start with a Devon Traditional Sailing Day or why not try our Devon B&B Sailing Weekend






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